BSn Germany

This is BSn. An Internet Syndicate. Est 1992.

What is BSn?
It is a full service, one-stop, source of "state-of-the-art" Internet solutions. BSn is technology heavy with strong research and development.[MORE].

Who is BSn?
Founded in 1992 by an international research economist, an analytical psychologist, a management consultant and a risk manager we have developed into collective of virtuosos: [MORE]

BSn Services?
Our services: Consulting, market research, media production, events, project management, development and hosting services. We host many of our projects in our own multi-homed data center. We like to remain in touch with the whole process chain from idea through implementation to production. No one to pass the buck to. We build for things to work and THEY WORK. Proud to be 100% responsible.

Why is there so little to read here and no fancy graphics?

Because we have other priorities than doing our own web. We don't have an image brochure either since we choose to invest in research and development and not self-ego--- and it would anyway violate our environment policy. We're a small company on a mission. A lot of the Internet itself carries many of our genes--- back all the way even to the original ARPAnet. Why look at our boring page when you can look at some of the exciting stuff we've done for others? We'd rather let our work and customers speak for us. To call our list of references long is understatement. With great pride it reads like a "who is who": including many government agencies, NGOs, publishers, leading multinational corporations but also small companies, artisans and artists. There is, however, much more than meets the eye here behind this page but you just need to know where to look, how to look (hint: select a word with the mouse) and for some bits of information be allowed to look.
IB: Native XML++ Database Technology
BSn's NONMONOTONIC Research Lab is developer of IB. IB is a search engine to heterogeneous (mix format) information including SGML/XML. Not limited to the XML paradigm and designed upon a more abstract model it can go beyond the more commonplace hierarchical text model (volumes, chapters, sections, paragraphs, sentences), fields and even paths (XPaths and XQuery model) to (abstract) path expressions (allowing for search in more generic models than it is possible in XML to model).
Interested in Shakespeare? [Click Here] and watch this space for announcements on our forthcoming FREEWARE multiplatform "wxIB Shakespeare Tool". Did I mention that we're the developers of a state-of-the-art multi-platform embedded full-text search system that goes beyond native XML databases?
IBU News
One of our new little babies is the IBU News service: an aspiring user sponsored community news publishing, search, aggregation, discovery and commentary service we are about to launch. Developed by us and powered by our own IB engine. Its cool! Instead of talking about why we can do better than any of the household names we decided to just do it. David against Goliath? Maybe. But aside from being very smart we're also a bunch of stubborn "revoluzzer" with in offices Giesing (Networks Services) and Schwabing(R&D).

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